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Ballarat Roof Installation and Repair

At Pro-Met Roofing we strive to offer prompt, reliable, professional and quality service to the Ballarat area. Not only are all our staff qualified, licensed and insured but all new roof installations come with a 6 year warranty. With over 20 years’ experience in metal roofing repairs and installation we are your first choice.

Pro-Met Roofing offers a large range of roofing services including:

  • Roof repairs and roof replacement
  • locating and repairing roof leaks
  • gutter, box gutter and down pipe replacement
  • Supply and installation of Colorbond, Zincalume and galvanised roof materials.
  • Replacing old tiled or metal roofs with modern metal roofing
  • Heritage and restoration work.
  • Insurance work, storm damage etc.
  • Metal roofing, fascia and gutter to new homes and extensions.
  • Gutter Guards for fire and drain blockage protection.

Safety is our priority at Pro-Met Roofing and to comply with OH&S Standards we have a large range of safety equipment including scaffold, guard rail and fall protection systems.

We are able to offer a quick turnaround quoting and estimation service using our modern CAD software to do fast and accurate estimates for your project.

Our experience includes, servicing some of Ballarat’s leading builders. Completing projects from small residential gutter replacements, to large commercial projects. Heritage roof replacement and restoration work. Whatever the job we have the experience to complete your project with confidence.

You can feel confident when dealing with Pro-Met Roofing that the person you’re dealing with is the owner and operator of the business and will have full control over your project.

Metal Roof Installations

Are you looking to get a new roof installed or maybe your existing roof repaired? Look no further that Pro-met Roofing’s metal roof installation services. Roof installations can be as small as replacing a single roof panel which has been damaged in a storm or as large as replacing an entire roof of a commercial property.

We have roofing in a range of colours and material types to suit all your needs. Remember, you don’t need a metal or frame to get a new metal roof. For example, you can have an existing tiled roof and you can easily get that roof transformed into a fantastic new metal roof.

Gutter Guards

Get a gutter guard installed on your existing roof to keep your gutters clean all year round. Not only can these permanent solutions greatly reduce your need to maintain gutters from debris such as leaves such as leaves and twigs getting into your gutters but they also:

  • reduce the fire risk as keeping you gutters clear
  • reduces blocked drains due to plant based material
  • prevents animals such as birds and other wildlife sneaking past the gutter into the house/roof
  • protects your gutters to make them last longer

Find out more about gutter guards on our gutter guard page.

Roof Cleaning

Sometimes your roof just needs a bit of care to get it looking like new again. This is why Pro-met Roofing offers a cleaning service which is great if your selling your house or want to extend the life of your roof. This cleaning service can be for a range of purposes including:

  • Removing moss and other unwanted nature growing on the roof
  • Pressure cleaning to remove dirt and grime buildup
  • Gutter cleanup
  • Roof maintenance including fixing damage to gutters and roof panels

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